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i was thinking “god damn i love to draw forrest’s neck” today which inspired this. if ever you think that i designed a character around a certain feature of theirs that i look like i enjoy drawing, i probably did.

can’t sleeppp

i need to draw river more often. B:

threw some color on these so my blog looks less drab. also a canon human version of river even tho that would not ever be story relevant? 

sometimes i’m like “i wanna make pixel art!!!!!”

i’m ready to never do that again.

top is the pixel, bottom is the lineart i drew over. actual size:

i was gonna color this but i got bored. the whole point was to draw something for a new icon but ? then i got bored lol. Oh Well

i have been drawing it’s just , mostly bullshit. i decided that despite how crappy these are (and how frequently i fucked things up), i still like some parts of them. 

i’m posting them here because i’m lazy and like shit am i cobbling this crap together to toss on twitter. 

i’m posting this crap here instead of twitter because i’m actually kinda happy with them even tho they’re just shitty ballpoint line paper drawings. still can’t draw digitally lmfao

(also i s2g i’m working on a fireflies update i’m just like HNNGHHH w/r/t not being lazy with scripting. it’s not abandoned i’m just lazy as shit i will be the first to tell you)

i’m bored and i need to practice digital, so here’s river in some hood(ies). i just decided that they collect bright horrible hoods/hoodies. it’s canon.

i’ve actually been drawing a lot, it’s just all shitty ballpoint drawings so i don’t post 90% of them. here’s some that i liked. i’ve been thinking about an actual-bird-birdsona. in case it wasn’t obvious, no, one persona with four fucking wings is not enough bird for me. i decided that if i was a bird, i would be some kind of kinglet, and probably not a raptor.

also river would never actually be able to wear a shirt like that for contextual reasons, i just wanted an excuse to draw a really terrible cliche

ps. i haven’t updated fireflies in a while for a lot of reasons, the least of which not being a depressive episode. i basically was having a crisis where i wasn’t sure if one of the biggest parts of the plot was Extremely Offensive, so i was frantically thinking of gutting out all those parts and retconning everything, which resulted in two years of world building quickly unraveling before me. i talked with rox about it though, and he assured me that it was worth keeping in, so i’m going to keep moving forward according to plan. crisis averted.

i drew this last month for valentines but never finished it so i finished it now. i have no idea what i want forrest’s face/muzzle thing to look like, it’ll probably never be consistent, Whatever

also i feel like i should mention that river is definitely pangender ??? but still genderfluid, just, Every Gender, also

no backgrounds because fuck it who cares

inspired by recent real life events between two giant shitnerd babies ((((me and rox))))

sometimes i worry that the dialogue between these two is going to feel unrealistic or unnatural, because, idk? maybe i’m just used to being able to speak frankly about my feelings with my best friend. it might come across as a bit hammy to other people. but i don’t think it’s a secret that, like, these two have a relationship that is very heavily influenced by the relationship i have with my OWN best friend. because there’s nothing i can imagine that’s more inspiring than the person who helped me figure out who i am, what i’m worth, and how i want to spend the rest of my life (with him and his boyfriend). they’re not self-inserts, but they tell a story that’s definitely ours.

(also it should be known that river’s personality is based partly on rox’s, not mine. forrest, the moody, angry, insecure and needy one, is more like me.)

really off the ball edit: forgot to mention river’s hair is longer/scruffier cause this is meant to happen like two or three months after the start of the actual story. also i always forget to draw forrest’s hair at different lengths, i have no idea why, but it’s hilarious
is where the meme came from.

i actually felt like drawing today. like, actually wanting to for no reason. how bout that. i did the meme almost exclusively because i was like SHIT, THE REVERSE OF AGENDER MUST BE PANGENDER!!!!! and i felt vaguely accomplished for subverting the gender binary (thumbs up)

also river with long hair, hell yea


 December 15 people think big. These expansive personalities let their thoughts run free, even wild sometimes, and recognize few limitations. Through moral blindness, excessive optimism or overweening pride they can fall from grace. Perhaps they have to learn to be satisfied at whatever level suits them, accept their limitations and make the best of what they have. 

December 15 people are for the most part highly social beings to the extent that they enjoy having a positive impact on their friends, family and society in general. It is crucial that they consider carefully whether this influence is ultimately of a positive nature. In this respect, December 15 people are at their best when kind (not condescending), helpful (not interfering) and caring (not nagging).

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