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ilu spacey u will always.. have a special place… in my kokoro…

a blown up gif of a DA icon i made but decided against using.

workin on a space core gif. he is going to sing a song about space. ; 3 ;

sleepy baby space core because i love him

(PS. bonus points if you can recognize the nebula in the background without looking it up. ;^y)

space core valentine. extremely relevant to all of my romantic and non-romantic interests. if you’re anything like me, you might find it useful.

bigger version.

spaceley is rly kawaii ok

have a crap doodle.

and done. my portal ships. (full)

edit: oh my god i just realized i forgot rick’s little handle thing on his collar. I ALWAYS FORGET THOSE STUPID THINGS

sssspace cooooreeee.

everybody draws such cute versions of him. i drew this based almost entirely off one by disfigured stick.

i just

really love space core ok.


We are… kindred spirits……

Updated Space Core cyborg design. Here is a view from behind that I was too lazy to ink.
Funfacts: the bars attached to his chest and lower abs are removable. His eyes, core and visor screen are all made from the same material. His voice can either be spoken naturally or broadcast from speakers, OR converted into radiowaves to be broadcast in that way. He eats and produces waste like normal humans but is more efficient and only needs to eat/discharge once every couple days. His hair is synthetic and doesn’t grow back when cut, but can easily be replaced.
(I could go on forever about this, but I don’t want to create a huge wall of text.)

More Tegaki bullshit because I can.

Also mfw Space Core is my favorite Portal character.

this is a lot crappier than i envisioned but w/e. otherwise, uhhh, not much to say.

Yes. I made a fancharacter. By mixing the companion cube and a core, no less. |:
I don’t really feel like explaining anything, but I’m sure it’s not hard to figure out what his purpose would be aside from fucking with GLaDOS before she corrupts and purges him.