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Chapter 1, page 7.

smackjeeves | WKS

chapter 1, page 6. wks | smackjeeves

welp this is the last page i had sketched digitally so i’m gonna start on the traditional pages. updates are going to cease again for a while (maybe? i almost never follow through on anything i say the way i want to so who knows i might finish more pages sooner than i expect.)

chapter 1, page 5. wks | smackjeeves

this was fun.

chapter 1, page 4. smackjeeves mirror.

decided to finish this today since it was easy for me to draw.

Ophiuchus pages.

Finally finished this after like 2 or 3 weeks, i can’t even remember. I’ve been so busy doing a thousand other things (and watching anime and playing minecraft….) that i ended up diddling around with this forever. i redrew 3 of the panels at least two or three times because i’d keep coming back and hating how it looked. i just really don’t like this page at all, but the next one should make up for it.

it’s 8am and i haven’t slept yet.

examines life and choices.

still doesn’t give a shit.

okay so i was experiencing a really BAD writing block while trying to work my way through the scene that’s coming up, but i finally got some pages sketched that i’m happy with. i’m posting this now because it’s been done for over a week and i don’t care about waiting anymore.

hopefully my patience will last through the next five pages so i can post them all together.

(click through for the smackjeeves page)

here have the ophiuchus cover while i restrain myself from drawing all of mad’s characters being enormous gays


My internet died basically as soon as I finished these, but yeh. I decided to finish them today anyway because eh why the hell not.

(minor dialogue edit)

First part.

The first 5 pages of the prologue to Ophiuchus.

The only reason I’m posting this now is because i finally got over my HORRIBLE DISSONANCE with comics and drew 3 pages today because fuck it why not. and i wanted to share them now because i really don’t have the finger strength to make it through the last two pages today. also funfact, the fourth page was the only one i inked traditionally.