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finished watching skylands yesterday. i sorta wish they still referred to trott as a walrus in their current videos.

rox asked me to draw a witchy alluka and i was like hell yea

i also found some ancient prismacolors and gave her some tones so my blog isn’t an endless void of untouched ballpoint.

so i heard you like troffy (leans on elbow and laughs)

this started out as an aimless doodle on the crappiest paper imaginable, then i ended up liking it and spent an hour making it look decent.

anyway, pitou.

i made a new thing to put in redbubble. society6 isn’t letting me publish stuff right now so i’ll put it on there later. braixen is my favorite pre-evolution, probably ever.

forcing myself to doodle digitally because my scanner isn’t working…….

i’ve wanted to draw zweilous for a long time because it’s a fun looking pokemon so i finally did and then i realized, this thing is basically me. a fat lumpy little dragon that is in no way capable of achieving flight: nailed it

stuff i did today. top drawing is lineart i did over rox’s sketch, and the bottom is the lineart for a rarity sticker i’m working on. i don’t feel like coloring, so

me, all the time, every day. i just want everybody to draw them kissing.

inspired by ziek’s incredibly appropriate t-shirt design

some crap i drew, still trying to regain my sense of style, and relearning things. art is hard and being in a depressive funk for more than a year is total ass.

got my digital groove back

so obviously the first thing i do is draw celebratory sansaka

post transition toudou and makishima!! being gay as hell!!!!!

also some of toudou’s terrible headbands

(this was drawn trad and i had to redraw some bits cause my sketchbook is too big for my scanner and they got blurred. it’s really obvious which bits i had to redraw lmao)

i couldn’t sleep until i drew this 


the rest of my manami drawings from a clothes meme.

the first part of a bunch of manami drawings i’m trying to finish digitally, based off this meme

these aren’t genderbends, my headcanon manami is afab agender, and otherkin (an angel) so pls don’t tag my drawings of them as genderbends, thank u. (“trans headcanons” works tho)

headcanon in which makishima runs a gravure blog and toudou demands to be let into a photoshoot as a model only to get really shy and flustered.