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(tries to draw fanart)
(draws myself instead)

i was thinking about my best friend but our trueforms are too fucking convoluted to just doodle so i drew azrael being itself which was hardly better

it repeats everything in 3s and usually only says one word or phrase at a time.

my first drawing done from start to finish on my laptop. not that there is any difference whatsoever, it’s just that i hate having to start up my other computer just to draw, so i’m learning to deal with my tablet being an enormous pain in the ass and just drawing over here.

this is the only thing i’ve drawn recently. my pokesona. :0

i have nothing else to post so here’s a twitter doodle. a small azrael

i’m replaying pmd.

i’m tired of being embarrassed of who i am so here’s trueform angel me. i’m the guardian of the oceans and i can manipulate water. i’m %100000000000 serious. throws my fucking hands up.

forcing myself to doodle digitally because my scanner isn’t working…….

i’ve wanted to draw zweilous for a long time because it’s a fun looking pokemon so i finally did and then i realized, this thing is basically me. a fat lumpy little dragon that is in no way capable of achieving flight: nailed it

stuff i did today. top drawing is lineart i did over rox’s sketch, and the bottom is the lineart for a rarity sticker i’m working on. i don’t feel like coloring, so

i was gonna color this but i got bored. the whole point was to draw something for a new icon but ? then i got bored lol. Oh Well

some madeleine draws.

i have been drawing it’s just , mostly bullshit. i decided that despite how crappy these are (and how frequently i fucked things up), i still like some parts of them. 

i’m posting them here because i’m lazy and like shit am i cobbling this crap together to toss on twitter. 

feelin lazy so idk if i’m gonna draw anything else today