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wo w i love long hair :””’^)

(god bless)

somewhere in the incoherent haze of videogames and struggling with a commission i decided i wanted to draw furries.

mike and chuck: childhood friends, princesses, age 12, kawaii as hell.

recycled smooch doodle turned muck

[8:03:09 PM] Mikeweh: i’m imagining chuck getting really mad at mike because he’s being a  baka again and won’t listen and chcuk is like MICHAEL CHILTON and everyone and mike stop
[8:03:47 PM] spice chuck: texas is like “who’s michael”
[8:03:54 PM] bobe: chuck gets really flustered after he yells
[8:04:18 PM] Mikeweh: “what CHARLES”

[1:42:01 AM] Mikeweh: sometiems mike lays awake at night, staring at his ceiling
[1:42:12 AM] Mikeweh: thinking up nicknames and other words for “friend”
[1:42:50 AM] spice chuck: buddy, pal
[1:42:53 AM] spice chuck: amigo.. ?
[1:43:38 AM] Mikeweh: comrade, chum…compadre???
[1:44:11 AM] Mikeweh: Chuck: mike you’re doing it again, go to sleep
Mike: but-
Chuck: -lays pillow on his face gently- shhhhh

feel sad, draw chuck.

i’m beginning to sense a pattern.

galosengen said: chuck in a bunny suit

getting the easy ones done first. :’V
(yellow and blue are really fuckin good chuck’s got the best colors)

Anonymous asked you:
Obligatory Mike/Chuck boyfrans request.

Anonymous asked you: Could you draw Mike/Chuck for me? <3 (although I am just an anon…)

lets just get this one out of the way now……. 8’^)

weeps bitter tears these two make me doki so hard

i am suffering from some mega bad food poisoning so this probably isnt as good as it could be. 8’)

obligatory style warp.

this should probably go on my shame blog, but…. :’)

big ver

magic floating keyboard.

(i just wanted to draw this pose the picture makes absolutely no sense)

lineless is hard :’l