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i was thinking “god damn i love to draw forrest’s neck” today which inspired this. if ever you think that i designed a character around a certain feature of theirs that i look like i enjoy drawing, i probably did.

felt like drawing rox dog.

also the character questions’ answers are drawn i just have to fix the lineart then i will post them.

arael (me) transforming into azrael (also me). 

i’ve been thinking about this for days so i finally drew it. sorry about the gross transformation sequence.


i made a new thing to put in redbubble. society6 isn’t letting me publish stuff right now so i’ll put it on there later. braixen is my favorite pre-evolution, probably ever.

i really enjoy one of the petsites i play Lol.

angry oni girl. shrug

me. ;v

as much as i would like to draw myself with ten heads and six wings all the time, it takes forever, so i made a condensed version. it’s not quite me, but it’s enough that i can call it myself. moreso than my old persona anyway.

i still haven’t picked out an angel name yet (shrugs)

edit: holy shit referring to this as “me” and “myself” was not an accident. stop tagging my personal characters, especially this one, with “omg me!!!” thanks. christ.

here’s a dog rox, too. gentle giant flower dog.

sometimes i’m like “i wanna make pixel art!!!!!”

i’m ready to never do that again.

top is the pixel, bottom is the lineart i drew over. actual size:

first part of two sets of deer stickers i’m drawing. i want to do the next set with flowers and ribbons, so these are just plain.

post transition toudou and makishima!! being gay as hell!!!!!

also some of toudou’s terrible headbands

(this was drawn trad and i had to redraw some bits cause my sketchbook is too big for my scanner and they got blurred. it’s really obvious which bits i had to redraw lmao)

i drew the first of a pair of pitbull t-shirt designs i’m working on.

it’s in my society6 as a print and redbubble as a sticker.

unfortunately, i’m a dingus and drew it at the wrong size so it’s too small to put on shirts. unless you’re alright with buying a relatively small pitbull face on a shirt.

i’ve been picking at this the past couple days and i finally think i’m done with it. i’m pretty happy with it, so hey. on the off chance someone wants it as a print, well. (also a detail version bc why not)

i drew a mouth.