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some doodlies and also background on these two since i haven’t talked about them yet:

lala and giggle are both dmab trans girls, giggle’s family couldn’t afford hrt so she never got to go on it until some time after the present timeline in fireflies. lala was on hrt from a young age and she is violently protective of giggle who deals with a lot of dysphoria, as well as depression. there’s a lot of racial shit involved with them too that i don’t want to explain rn that is a major factor in giggle’s depression along with her dysphoria. gender essentialism isn’t a huge problem in this universe, but there are still assholes in the world who try to give them a hard time, so lala tends to lash out at those who try to pick on her or giggle.

they are both Gay As Hell and at the end of fireflies get together, i don’t think that’s spoilery enough to exclude. they’re girlfriends eventually.

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