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i was browsing avengerstuck when i started to think about what these two would be like as normal human kids.

so i half-jokingly came up with a human kid au wherein loki is a nerd obsessed with magic who makes cardboard helmets and sits around reading grimoires while chanting weird spells. thor is a good-natured football player who tries to get loki to play with him and his other friends, but loki hates thor’s dumb friends because they’re always hogging up thor for themselves. loki actually really admires his brother, but he’s too shy and proud to say so. he gets good grades (thor’s are abysmal) and is quiet, but there are always rumors that he’s behind all the nasty pranks being played around the school.

loki pretends to hate thor in public but when they’re alone they get along and sometimes play together. thor likes to pretend he’s a superhero and runs around wearing a blanket for a cape and wielding a wooden mallet.

(they’re like elementary/middle school age here.)

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