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here’s a dog rox, too. gentle giant flower dog.

i’m tired of being embarrassed of who i am so here’s trueform angel me. i’m the guardian of the oceans and i can manipulate water. i’m %100000000000 serious. throws my fucking hands up.

Gosh dang your pokesona looks really cute though.

thank you ;-; (covers my face)

i finally did it. i made a pokesona for the first time since i was like… 17 probably. 

its name is gray (i’m embarrassed), and it’s a slightly fluffier (and crested obviously) archen that lives in colder regions. or would have, when they still existed however many millions of years ago. i’m embarrassed to admit that i actually started thinking about cold-climate archens in pokemon canon lmao. hoo doggie.

anyway. gray wishes it was a brighter color, because it thinks its feathers are dull and boring. all the other archens it’s ever seen are pretty shades of yellow, orange and blue so it wonders why it looks so washed out in comparison. it hopes that when it evolves it will gain beautiful shimmering feathers, and also, the ability to fly. all it can really do is hop around. 

(i’m really embarrassed. Wow)

forcing myself to doodle digitally because my scanner isn’t working…….

i’ve wanted to draw zweilous for a long time because it’s a fun looking pokemon so i finally did and then i realized, this thing is basically me. a fat lumpy little dragon that is in no way capable of achieving flight: nailed it

sometimes i’m like “i wanna make pixel art!!!!!”

i’m ready to never do that again.

top is the pixel, bottom is the lineart i drew over. actual size:

stuff i did today. top drawing is lineart i did over rox’s sketch, and the bottom is the lineart for a rarity sticker i’m working on. i don’t feel like coloring, so


Commissions are Still Open everyone!! I am still very poor and haven’t had work at my job for awhile, so I need to bring in some money!

However this time, I’m opening full illustrations with backgrounds and color as well as inks and sketches!

I’m remaking this post because thorough lack of foresight made me realize that my original prices were set far too low. So the new prices are as follows:


$15+ starting rate 

Additional Characters:


Flat Colors (with inks, no background):

$25+ starting rate

additional characters:


All simple backgrounds will be $5+ depending

Detailed illustrations vary wildly and will be discussed first hand before prices are decided!

All commissions are subject to varying prices, depending on the difficulty of the illustration and detail that is involved in it! I’m willing to talk about prices and work something out!

If you would like to commission me, my email is or you can send me an ask and I’ll let you know what I need!

All payments will be through paypal and the services it provided (bank transfers, debit transactions) So please keep that in mind as well!

Thank you everyone!!! Signal boosts are much appreciated as well! 

i was gonna color this but i got bored. the whole point was to draw something for a new icon but ? then i got bored lol. Oh Well

some madeleine draws.

I wanna buy that bronies are scum pic as a sticker

i am planning on making a variety of feminist pony stickers specifically putting the smack-down on bronies but idk if i’ll ever get around to it. regardless: it is a possibility

i have been drawing it’s just , mostly bullshit. i decided that despite how crappy these are (and how frequently i fucked things up), i still like some parts of them. 

i’m posting them here because i’m lazy and like shit am i cobbling this crap together to toss on twitter. 

feelin lazy so idk if i’m gonna draw anything else today

me, all the time, every day. i just want everybody to draw them kissing.

inspired by ziek’s incredibly appropriate t-shirt design

some crap i drew, still trying to regain my sense of style, and relearning things. art is hard and being in a depressive funk for more than a year is total ass.