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feeling very self conscious but what do i have to loooooose

wasnt and am still not sure if i wanna post this, just don’t reblog ok. thanks.

i felt like drawing something silly

i would really like to have my own petsite someday, but 1) i will never have the patience or attention span necessary to learn how to program 2) i work at a snail pace so teaming up with a programmer is entirely out of the question and also i’m just not good with people.

it is a pipe dream. still though, i like to draw stuff i’d put on my own petsite. so here is a kirin growth sequence.

(i can’t draw cats it’s kind of tragic since i own 5 of them)

i realized some of the answers i’d drawn were so bad they were unusable so i’m just… eh. redrew the madeleine one tho

more rox dog, also

felt like drawing rox dog.

also the character questions’ answers are drawn i just have to fix the lineart then i will post them.

sorry about all the reblogs/text posts, but:

would anyone want to ask my characters questions? i feel like drawing but i don’t have any ideas (and i don’t want to draw fanart rn). you can even ask old ones i haven’t drawn in ages, idc


I think that's awesome because my dad and little bro has vitiligo and I never see anyone draw that type of skin. you're great <3333

wah thank you ;-;

ahh this makes me so happy i’m glad, thank you for the comment 

ah what if human river had vitiligo where their markings are 8^)

that actually is what it is, haha! i was going to draw a bigger picture showing the vitiligo but i was lazy GLAD U N ME ARE ON THE SAME PLANE

i need to draw river more often. B:

threw some color on these so my blog looks less drab. also a canon human version of river even tho that would not ever be story relevant? 

"drawing on my laptop so i don’t have to post shitty sketchbook scribbles" lasted all of ten minutes

anyway check out these doodles i was too lazy to clean up properly

arael (me) transforming into azrael (also me). 

i’ve been thinking about this for days so i finally drew it. sorry about the gross transformation sequence.


i made a new thing to put in redbubble. society6 isn’t letting me publish stuff right now so i’ll put it on there later. braixen is my favorite pre-evolution, probably ever.

(tries to draw fanart)
(draws myself instead)