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art update?

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i was thinking “god damn i love to draw forrest’s neck” today which inspired this. if ever you think that i designed a character around a certain feature of theirs that i look like i enjoy drawing, i probably did.

the daily struggle

just… keeps posting stuff i guess. i guess i’ll go to bed colors don’t look right anymore

can’t sleeppp

doodling while watching youtube videos

feeling very self conscious but what do i have to loooooose

wasnt and am still not sure if i wanna post this, just don’t reblog ok. thanks.



"To Germany, Go!"



But before that, let’s have a bit of preamble. Hi, my name is Rox and my boyfriend/fiance is Ziek. We have been best friends for over two years now and basically dating for almost a year, and he is one of the most important people in my life. I would not be where I am without him and having him be a part of my life has been one of the best things to happen to me.


Over the last half a year, we’ve been trying to gather funds together so that we could meet in person and finally spend some time together; myself through working multiple jobs, and him through doing commissions and selling handmade items.

We’ve been trying our best, but between our two poor families and the cost of living, money has been slipping out of our hands rather quickly. We’ve made some headway, but it’s not enough. 

The problem is, we’re losing time? between work and the both of us starting school soon, we won’t be able to have a chance at a trip like this again for a very long time if not a few years. I might have to quit work in order to focus on school and then i won’t have any income at all, and the chances become even slimmer.

And that’s why, here and now, we’re asking for help. A round-trip plane ticket to germany and back cost about $1,130 in the off season and while I myself can make about $500 to $600 in time, my hours are low and my wage is lower. There’s no feasible way I can make that much money before the winter and before we start school on my own.

Seeing each other, even if just for a little while, is something incredibly important and vital to us and we wouldn’t be asking for help if it wasn’t. 


The most we need right now is about $800! The rest we can come up with on our own, but that’s where we really need support.

And this isn’t just for donations! Ziek is taking payments as commissions as well, so if you would like to look at his commission prices  please click that link!! You will be getting SWEET ART and cool vibes for your money! Just make sure to send a receipt so he knows what he’s drawing, who for and how much!

Everyone else, even just a little bit means a lot to us! If you want to, please send any donations to, or if you’re interested in a commission, a receipt with the commission info and payment to

We really are incredibly grateful to anyone and everyone who helps us out and will remember everyone for bringing us together.

Thank you so much!

Please help!! I also have a society6, a redbubble and a storenvy so you can buy cool stuff if you prefer that sorta thing!

I cannot stress how important this trip is to us and how much it would mean if you guys could help out. Thank you so much!

sorry i havent been posting art but help out my friends maybe they would really like to see each other ♥

i felt like drawing something silly

i would really like to have my own petsite someday, but 1) i will never have the patience or attention span necessary to learn how to program 2) i work at a snail pace so teaming up with a programmer is entirely out of the question and also i’m just not good with people.

it is a pipe dream. still though, i like to draw stuff i’d put on my own petsite. so here is a kirin growth sequence.

(i can’t draw cats it’s kind of tragic since i own 5 of them)

i realized some of the answers i’d drawn were so bad they were unusable so i’m just… eh. redrew the madeleine one tho

more rox dog, also

felt like drawing rox dog.

also the character questions’ answers are drawn i just have to fix the lineart then i will post them.

sorry about all the reblogs/text posts, but:

would anyone want to ask my characters questions? i feel like drawing but i don’t have any ideas (and i don’t want to draw fanart rn). you can even ask old ones i haven’t drawn in ages, idc




holy shit the mike brown petition only has 15k more signatures to go

sign here if you havent

It only takes a couple minutes if not less to make a difference, every signature counts.