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buddy doodles and also a self. (tex)

finished watching skylands yesterday. i sorta wish they still referred to trott as a walrus in their current videos.

rox asked me to draw a witchy alluka and i was like hell yea

i also found some ancient prismacolors and gave her some tones so my blog isn’t an endless void of untouched ballpoint.

i havent drawn anything. here, have a thing, complete with coffee stains and scanner dirt for authentic apathetic feel

so i heard you like troffy (leans on elbow and laughs)

happy october

aaaaaalso, lol, my cat sorta ruined my tablet pen by knocking it into my coffee. it was fully submerged and is completely ruined lmao.

point is, now you all get to enjoy the raw, unedited versions of all my crappy ballpoint drawings!!!!!!! at least until i can get a new pen.

i don’t really… change much anyway so……. no color for a while at least.

i was reminded that i wanted to make a gemsona for a while, then i found the gemstone tourmaline which apparently gradates from pink to green/teal and i was like Ah Yes There I Am, so i finally made one. 

they’re based off how i physically look irl but i feel pretty disconnected from how i actually look so honestly they register more like a cute character than an actual persona. but ANYWAY i got off my ass and did it so here is my gemsona, tourmaline.

edit: i literally just realized i forgot to put a gem on them somewhere but i didn’t know where i wanted to put it anyway so i didn’t know how to incorporate it into the design. pretend it’s hidden under clothes, idk.

here is a collection of exceptionally crappy doodles in lieu of me having something better to post

this started out as an aimless doodle on the crappiest paper imaginable, then i ended up liking it and spent an hour making it look decent.

anyway, pitou.

art update?

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i was thinking “god damn i love to draw forrest’s neck” today which inspired this. if ever you think that i designed a character around a certain feature of theirs that i look like i enjoy drawing, i probably did.

the daily struggle

just… keeps posting stuff i guess. i guess i’ll go to bed colors don’t look right anymore

can’t sleeppp

doodling while watching youtube videos